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Some Talented Friends

Don O'Neill

Don has been my friend since our high school garage band days! As well as contributing piano and drums to "I'm Quarantined From You" , he also put together the video for it, and my "Duet Blues" video. Through the years Don has managed to pen a number songs. Here are two examples of his creativity.

Words and Music by Don O'Neill 

Laurel Canyon BluesDon O'Neill
00:00 / 05:43
Will My Love Do For YouDon O'Neill
00:00 / 04:00

Marc Bristol

Some of you may know Marc from his former, but great magazine - Blue Suede News. I was able to get acquainted with him over the years and fortunate to have him review my music. Marc and his talented wife, Gaby, reside in Duvall, WA. and stay very busy performing and recording. Here are Marc's latest videos:

Words and Music by Marc Bristol

"Portable Radio"


"Thrift Store Score"


And for everything Marc Bristol,

be sure to visit him at:  

Jan Bodie

Jan Bodie where are you? Many years ago I collaborated with Jan to put her words to music. Jan had notebooks full of lyrics/poetry and I must have put at least 15 to music. Unfortunately Jan left Denver and we lost touch. But I found this diddy among my reel to reel tapes. As best as I can remember the players on this recording are: Jan's friend on backup vocal and guitar, Homer Lee Dunlap on banjo, Jan on backup vocal and me on guitar and vocal.

Words Jan Bodie and Music by Scott Miller

Let's Run Amuck Tonight
00:00 / 03:05
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